What's Old With It?

This page contains a listing of all the old stuff that has gone into building the Rhyming Dictionary. Chances are, you won't give a rat's ass about any of it, but I'm including it anyway for posterity.

Version 0.7
As promised, rhymes for multiple pronunciations are returned seperately by default rather than as a merged list. In addition, several hundred 2, 3 and 4 letter words have been added to the dictionary. The project has been upgraded to "stable" status (there simply aren't enough bugs or likely modifications to justify calling it "beta" any longer).

There are several thousand(!) words in /usr/dict/words that are not in the CMU Pronouncing Dictionary. Once all of those words have been accounted for in the pronouncing dictionary, I will deem this Rhyming Dictionary complete and will give it 1.0 status. That is my ultimately goal.

Version 0.6
The GNU readline bug that prevented compilation with GNU readline 4.2 has been fixed. The raw dictionary data along with a parser has been added (the parser is written in Python, and both are completely optional) to this release, which is why it has grown so much. A few words have been added to the rhyming dictionary, and I will be adding more as time permits. If you have any additional words you'd like added, please feel free to email me with them (and preferably the pronunciation) so I can add them.

I may remove the merging of rhymes resulting from multiple pronunciations (i.e. all the rhymes for "tomato" being merged into a single list) in the next version; in practice, I think having them seperated is a better way to handle the problem.

Finally, I intend to focus primarily on adding more words in subsequent releases. That is probably the most useful thing to do.

CGI Fixed
The last niggling bug that has disabled the CGI since the Sourceforge update has been fixed and the CGI scripts are working again.
Version 0.5
Interactive mode is now implemented with GNU readline, allowing for bash-like rhyme history and command-line navigation. This is so neat I'm going to release the silly thing so everyone can try it out. Oh, and I've also squished a bug or two.
Version 0.4
The hard-coded 80 column limit on output has been changed to a dynamic one (at least on ttys). There's also a preliminary interactive mode that will hopefully improve as I think of more ways to make finding rhymes easier. It leaks memory slightly, but I believe that may be gdbm's fault. But at least it's a start.
online demo
If you don't want to go to all the trouble of installing the Rhyming Dictionary or just want to try it out, I've made an online demo available for you to have a look at. It looks and acts a whole lot like the command-line version, except it has no syllable search. The scripts contain the original source for the online demo.
Version 0.3
MySQL dependancy removed in favor of GDBM. Homophone and consonant searches removed. RPMs now available!
Version 0.2
Totally re-implemented in C. Python dependancies removed. MySQL database layout documentation added. Email address updated in documentation. All existing functionality unchanged.

Old Sources

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